Al-Hedayah Academy

Al-Hedayah Academy opened it's doors as a full-time elementary school in 1992. In 1998, the Academy moved to its current 7-acre campus located on Randol Mill Road, in Fort Worth, Texas where it currently serves students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th.

The current campus encompasses a 12,000 sf elementary school building, a 14,000 sf secondary school building, four (4) portable classrooms, two playgrounds, and a full-size, lighted tennis/basketball court.

The Academy received its initial accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in 2003, and re-accreditation in 2008. The Academy is a state licensed daycare provider with Pre-Kindergarten programs for two, three, and four year olds.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

The vision of Al-Hedayah Academy is to inculcate value, knowledge and skills particularly in core areas of science, technology and language-arts, so that each student becomes an independent, self-reliant, lifelong learner.

The mission of Al-Hedayah Academy is to establish a school which will provide students of diverse backgrounds with high-quality, comprehensive educational opportunities that cultivate lifelong learners in pursuit of excellence in academic, social, creative, and physical challenges conducive to the development of a culturally responsive moral character.

Al-Hedayah Academy expects all stakeholders to embrace six (6) core values in order to advance the vision and mission: Courage, Integrity, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, and Scholarship. These six (6) guiding principles establish the school culture and form the foundation for all stakeholders to become model U.S. citizens, academic scholars, compassion human-beings, and innovative leaders in our global society. Al-Hedayah uses the vision, mission and core values to form a basis for all decision-making policy and self-assessment. School leaders, faculty, staff, student, and volunteers are expected to embrace the core values and make a sincere effort to incorporate and model the characteristics of each value at all times. Effective communication and definition are essential to build understanding and support for the vision and mission. In no particular order of importance, the six (6) core values are defined as:

1.      Courage: We display confidence and determination when facing challenges and life-choices that allow us to persevere in our efforts to have a positive impact on ourselves and our community.

2.      Integrity: We adhere to a code of ethics that promotes honesty, trustworthiness, and sincerity in all of our interactions with family, friends, school, and community.

3.      Kindness: We demonstrate patience, consideration, compassion, empathy, generosity and service in our interactions with family, friends, school, and community.

4.      Respect: We demonstrate mutual respect towards ourselves, family, friends, community, and environment through the knowledge and understanding of global economic, social and cultural awareness.

5.      Responsibility: We establish accountability toward self, family, friends, school, and community through knowledge and service opportunities that shape an understanding of our influence and our impact on the global world.

6.      Scholarship: We are lifelong learners continually setting high expectations and standards for our academic, social, emotional, and physical growth nurtured through innovation, global competency, and technology.